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We are your experienced general practitioner practice in Wiesbaden-Bierstadt. In addition to a wide range of general medicine, our services also include palliative medicine and basic geriatric care (geriatric medicine). We are also happy to support our patients in the context of preventative health care. Dr. Ulrich Walther has been supported by his training assistant and successor Patrick Litsch since 2022 . Our practice takes part in the HZV family doctor program .

ECG, stress ECG/ergometry, long-term ECG,

Long-term blood pressure measurement, lung function,

MKW/heat therapy, stimulation current therapy,

vascular Doppler,

Various immune and recovery treatments, homeopathic infusion therapy,

Wound management.

DMP program for CHD, diabetes mellitus and COPD/asthma,


Check-up-35/health examination, skin cancer screening, prostate cancer screening,

(Travel) vaccination advice/travel vaccinations,

advice on organ donation,

Child protection investigations.


Additional qualifications in geriatrics, palliative medicine, emergency medicine and basic psychosomatic care.

Image by Alexandr Podvalny


Please note that statutory health insurance companies generally only cover services that are medically necessary, appropriate, sensible and economical .


Excluded from this are preventive examinations that are covered by statutory health insurance companies. These include:

  • Skin cancer screening - every 2 years

  • Health examination - every 3 years from age 35 (previously once between 18-35 years)

  • Men's cancer screening from the age of 45 - annually

  • Colon cancer screening from age 50 or 55 - annually (stool examination)

  • Gynecological preventive care (from a gynecologist)

If you would also like to receive an examination or preventive service, this must be used as an IGeL (Individual Health Service) and paid for privately. We would be happy to advise you on this!

Emergencies always have priority. Please understand that in cases of greater medical urgency, the order of treatment appointments cannot always be adhered to.

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