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Dear patients, please use our online appointment services, especially for scheduled appointments, such as quarterly check-ups for chronic illnesses, post laboratory meetings, DMP program appointments, discussions of external findings/documents, etc.

If you still need an emergency appointment today, please call us.

In a life-threatening emergency, dial 112.

For check-up examinations (i.e. health insurance check-p-35 every 3 years or skin cancer screening every 2 years), a short appointment is first made to clarify the upcoming examinations (e.g. laboratory, urine test, ECG). You are welcome to book a short appointment online.

When making vaccination appointments, please tell us what should be vaccinated - and remember your vaccination certificate. If you have acute or severe signs of infection, please call in advance or cancel the vaccination appointment.

For travel (vaccination) advice, please also provide us with the following information using the contact form: exact travel period, destinations in chronological order, type of trip (tourism, hotels, backpacking, camping, professional, etc.). Please remember your vaccination certificate.


Your data is important to us and is only transferred for communication between our website and the practice administration. For this reason, we use the online appointment service of our practice software provider Profimed (ProMedisoft AG) .

Terms and conditions and data protection information at .

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